Practiq is a consortium of management consulting companies drawn from across the globe, that have come together with a common purpose of addressing specific regional challenges in emerging economies of the MENA region.

We bring together specialized resources, each a recognized leader in their respective fields; and each bringing global best practices to customize for issues that affect businesses and governments in the region.

We advise business leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities: strategic direction-setting, marketing and business alliance services, deploying digital media marketing, Investor-readiness programs and learning services. We deploy the deep functional and industry expertise that our network brings, in addressing our clients issues across a large spectrum – from planning to execution.



Creating value by making our customers competitive, innovative and agile

Practiq designs and implements innovative strategies and solutions that drive continuous growth and sustainable performance excellence of its clients through increased sales, higher productivity, reduced operational costs, and optimized business processes.


 Your partner in change and transformation.

  1. A team of practitioners with marked international and local experience across key management areas.
  2. Marked experience in industry development initiatives across capacity and capability.
  3. A partnership driven approach towards Advisory, Execution / Program Management and Industry Development.
  4. Ability to support organizations and industry bodies alike across their transformation and change journey.